Australia — April 30th, 2016 – 6pm

by devonsp

Hi honey, good morning.

Waycute town here. And they’re having a classic car fest!  Only these are actually driving, cruisin the strip, unlike the ones we saw in Austin a few weeks ago.


This town smells amazing. It’s full on autumn – smoke, pollen, and much chillier, being at higher elevation. After soundcheck, I walked back to the house where I’m staying, on the grounds of an old asylum.  My host says he hasn’t encountered any ghosts yet.


His kids are out in the huge living room watching Snow White on a tiny tiny macbook. His wife is making a dinner that is smelling most excellent, though I am bound for the bar again, where they supposedly have pretty good food.

image4 image5

Speaking of, I’m gonna head that way, and hope to find enough service to send this note, along with a bunch of photos I took outside the bar and on the walk back.


Hope you slept soundly and peacefully, Paul. Happy weekend!  See you right when it’s done.  SO exciting.