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My 15-minute talk from The Makers Series: The Art of Failure

“Hey, wanna come give a talk on the art of failure?” Not the easiest email invitation to write, but my friend Sam Bush made it funny and sweet, as he does with everything.  It didn’t hurt that the two other people on the bill were David Zahl (Mockingbird) and my pal Lulu Miller (Invisibilia). So, […]

UK Band Tour Fall 2023

2023 Howdy & holy crap, I have a TOUR ANNOUNCEMENT today: Devon Sproule – UK Band Tour w/ support from Marker Starling Sep 9 – Gateshead – The Sage** Sep 10 – London – Barbican Centre** Sep 11 – Brighton – The Greys Sep 14 – Coventry – The Tin Music & Arts Sep 16 […]

all together in the shadow + new hats

we are “all together in the shadow” in our “new hats” my friends SONGS HERE

sun rider & otto sam – 2 new songs out

* * hiya 🙂  you can click the titles below to hear some of the new songs and HERE to hear / download the whole songs * * Sun Rider Written at The Soundfront Inn on Ocracoke Island by a group of friends passing around a piece of paper on the beach, then organized and […]

I was just out listening to Jose Gonzalez again, trying to figure out why I keep coming back to it right now.  It’s like all the eagerness / energy of a passionately religious person, only his conviction is explicitly away from faith and toward togetherness through other means… people, the earth, etc.  AND the sound […]

making music w/ paul

Hi, it’s November 2021. There are some murmurs of re-booking that cancelled overseas tour. In the meantime, Paul and I are making new music over here.  xo!

things we can do

expanding on some of the ideas i posted to my online show event the other day: – get on twitter and amplify the voices of protesters I initially followed a bunch of the people who an active, outspoken, thoughtful friend of mine followed, then expanded from there.  Listen to Black women! – take cues from […]

Hi guys.  I’m looking forward to hanging with the TRANZAC / Holy Oak Family Singers family tomorrow night on instagram and playing a few songs.  I chose these three and I thought I might post the lyrics here, in case anyone wants to read along or revisit later.  I’m also playing every Sunday at 1:30pm […]

April 6

Another early morning on our (Monacan) plot here in Fry’s Spring.  Thanks for all the feedback on the last Patreon song.  Got to hear what Paul’s been working on yesterday, during Ray’s nap.  It’s beautiful; can’t wait to share.  How are you guys?  Maybe see you at an online show soon?  Sweet Carrie & Danny […]

Pink Noise UK Tour w/ Marker Starling

CANCELLED April 3 – UK Bristol, Folk House April 5 – UK Brighton, Prince Albert April 6 – UK Birmingham, Kitchen Garden Cafe April 8 – UK Glasgow, Hug and Pint April 9 – UK Letham, Letham Nights April 10 – UK Newcastle, Gosforth Civic Centre April 11 – UK Chester, St Marys April 12 […]