things we can do

by devonsp

expanding on some of the ideas i posted to my online show event the other day:

– get on twitter and amplify the voices of protesters
I initially followed a bunch of the people who an active, outspoken, thoughtful friend of mine followed, then expanded from there.  Listen to Black women!
– take cues from black leaders
– protest
– support candidates (especially for district attorney) who focus on equity
Real Justice is an organization working to elect progressive DAs nationally.  One of my personal goals is to become more informed about local candidates, here in central VA.  If you are doing your own local research and want support / enthusiasm, feel free to reach out.
– talk to our kids about racism
It’s better to explain it awkwardly than not explain it at all, so don’t worry if you don’t feel like an expert!  Recommend the Integrated Schools podcast.
– donate to bail funds for protesters
An easy Google.  I’m contributing money raised from the show to the Richmond Community Bail Fund and 400+1 Bail Fund (Austin)
– support black-owned businesses
– educate ourselves about race & racism
How to Be An Antiracist, by Ibram Kendi.  Seeing White podcast from Scene On Radio.  The Breakdown with Shaun King.
– educate ourselves about the history of rebellion in our country, then talk to our friends & family about it
Can start here: The Double Standard of the American Riot
– don’t stop