sun rider & otto sam – 2 new songs out

by devonsp



hiya ūüôā ¬†you can click the titles below to hear some of the new songs and HERE to hear / download the whole songs



Sun Rider

Written at The Soundfront Inn on Ocracoke Island by a group of friends passing around a piece of paper on the beach, then organized and put to music by Devon and her brother-in-law, Jonathan Mills.  Jonathan also played guitar.  Other brother Matt Curreri played piano.  Gabe & Sonya Silver sang, along with Devon, Jonathan, and Paul (who played and mixed everything else).  Special guest singing by Willow Silver.

Otto Sam

It was shortly before I said goodbye to the ketamine therapist, right before I disappeared into it, I mean. ¬†We’d been chatting since the injection, but now his voice was starting to smear.

“Why can’t I just be a hobo, hitchhiking on a caravan or something… my feet sticking out the back of a wagon?”

I had an eye mask on, but I could tell he was smiling. ¬†“I dunno, Paul,” he said. ¬†¬†¬†“It sounds pretty dusty. ¬†¬†Bumpy…”

“Wait. ¬†So you’re saying my broken cars and whiney daughter are my dust and rocks?”

“See? ¬†Maybe you’re not as far away from a hobo as you thought.”

Funny guy.