Devon Sproule

day 3 cont. – arthur’s seat

this afternoon we climbed arthur’s seat, ate haggis at the sheep’s heid, and saw dr neil’s garden.  thanks, john, for showing us around and putting us up.  we enjoyed your coen bros and holy shit, you were right about the chocolate…

day 3 – bbc scotland

above, from our session on bbc radio scotland today.  as you can see, we had a terrible time. couldn’t have ask for a better start to the tour than last night’s show at the sage in gateshead.  thanks for all the tweets!

day 2 – sage gateshead

hello en route to gateshead, our first show of the tour.  i’m up front with driving steve, eating apples from his girlfriend’s garden and a candy called fizz mania.  everyone else is sleeping.  we left the tin angel office in a scramble of amps, merch boxes, and musicians.  it’s a grey day but with a […]

uk tour day 1 – bbc 6 music w/ marc riley

day one was with marc riley on bbc 6 music, lovely as always.  four days left to listen online, if you care to jam along!