by devonsp

steve poltz is great! do you guys know him? i saw him play a couple times in the last year and was blown away. i thought to myself, “there’s no way his records are gonna be any good…he’s just one of those guys who puts on a great show and then probably struggles to capture anything magical in the studio.” but – ho! – i was wrong. and guess who produced the record that i was wrong to? well, when mike o’neill and i played in halifax at the carleton he said, “oh, that’s so nice! jewel tweeted about our show” and i was all, “jewel? woah! that’s kind of weird. well, cool!” but lo and behold, it was his weird accent saying “joel” of “joel plaskett”! and that’s who produced steve’s record “dreamhouse” that i’ve been listening to. which is doubly weird because steve used to play with the actual jewel?? to finish off my awesome, totally-easy-to-follow story, here is a tweet from mr plaskett, about ‘colours’… it sure makes you feel good when people whose music you like like yours.

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 5.15.30 PM