days 11/12/13 – thom shots

by devonsp


good morning, person who is reading this.  i think ye olde bandmates must have stayed up for a while listening to some of manty’s records last night.  eleven am and i’m the only one downstairs. did i say manty?!  yes!  marker starling (aka chris cummings formerly known as mantler) has just joined us on the tour.  above is a photo taken by mr spike, our soundguy in oxford.  and here are some quick pix thom snapped over the last couple days.

this is us waiting to souncheck at the junction in cambridge last night.  if we look particularly svelte, it’s because we’d just played a hammering game of hackeysack, just there, in front of our feet.


here we are on the toppermost balcony of the tolbooth in stirling, looking at the city, down at the hopscotch and laundry lines, over at the pigeons.


soundchecking in oxford while steve gets the projector going.


soundchecking in cambridge.  our first night with marker starling!


 thom’s direction for this photo was “look uncomfortably out of place” but it turns out i was doing an alexander technique thing anyway.


before paul helped me fix it, the projector kept going to screen saver, so i sat up with it during chris’s set and had fun with monstrous manty in the background.  here are two of paul’s photos from last night.


 last night’s show in cambridge