home & ruby

by devonsp


nov 1 – good morning!  i can’t believe how much it’s raining here in texas.  i miss being on tour, being with the band, playing hackey sack, eating nasty sandwiches … but it sure is nice to be back in austin too.  i can hear our albertish friend john wort hannam playing a song through the wall from danny & carrie’s place.  paul is getting ready to produce a record for jason & vanessa.  i’ve been re-living the tour glory by jammin some thom gill chords.  emmett turned two!

speaking of thom, and of small cute people, here he is (above) with me, our friend ruby, and ruby’s dad simon.  ruby and her family have been coming to our shows for quite a while.  below is an amazing picture of her on her dad’s shoulders, watching us at summer sundae in 2009.  about a year after that picture was taken, ruby suffered a massive heart failure in school, resulting in a life-changing brain injury. in the three years since, her and her family have been working, with the support of thousands of people all over the world, to relearn life skills and to heal.  i feel very fortunate to have connected with this courageous family and urge you to do the same.  ruby’s story is here and there are recent updates and photos here.

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