by devonsp

Screen shot 2013-08-21 at 12.50.03 AM

I couldn’t hear the rain over the hubbub in the bar downstairs but now that we’re up in the room, it’s such a nice going-to-bed sound. When P and I were talking earlier, the view out the window behind him was insane: the weirdest round mountains totally smothered in mist, one in front of the other, all slightly different greys, and the water of the lake even another one. Now that it’s total day, the green is emerging a bit.

We took the long way up here to Ullapool today, everyone taking turns napping, window gazing, and reading the St. Kilda book that John McInnes gave us. Matt and I jumped into Loch Lomond! Robin wore beautiful white shoes at the show. We cleaned the place out of venison sausage.