by devonsp

From the cottage fireplace of Gabe Girard:

Devon Sproule has one of those genuine voices that sounds like talking and singing at the same time. Colours finds Sproule joined by Mike O’Neill of The Inbreds, who provides tasteful guitar accompaniment to the well travelled singer/songwriter, plus ringers Thom GillRyan Driver and the rhythm section from Bernice. The record goes through a wide variety of moods and feels, but always comes back to the soft, warm, folky sound Sproule is known for. Like sitting by a cottage fireplace with your slippers on. Opener “You Can Come Home” really draws you in with sly hooks and a beautiful chorus. The vocals and harmonies on “Walking In The Folly” are especially noteworthy, even reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. Exuding warmth and innocence, the artists’ thoughtful chord choices, sincere lyrics and lighthearted approach coalesce, creating a pleasurable and calming album. Best served with a cold winter evening and a cup of tea.