day 8 – stirling

by devonsp


en route from durham to stirling … the season seems to have changed all in one day.  cold wind, coloured leaves, gusts of rain, etc.  a bit of sun too.  went to the durham cathedral yesterday where danele and i lit a candle for her son ayden on the trip when she came over to see england and me & lucinda.

i’m reading ‘i me mine,’ the george harrison autobio/lyric collection.  he’s not my top top lyricist on paper but they fit so well into his songs and i admire the way he worked to be a peaceful person in the midst of all the ups and downs.

we stopped in a seaside town about an hour ago and all ran out on the beach — freezing!! — jumped and yelled for ten minutes, and then ran back to the van.  joe went so far across the craggy rocks, we had to get out my binoculars to see what he was doing.  then we watched cormorants (I think) diving like fish.  then we went to the co-op for snacks.  see if you can match who got what:


foamy banana candies
multi-pack of kitkat for £1.79
soreen “deliciously squiggly energy” loaf
pot noodle
sour raspberry ropes
ham sandwich