Australia – 4/12/16 – 8:27pm

by devonsp

En route to Phoenix from Austin.  I still can’t ever do the Australia timezone math.  Just glad the tour is starting with a festival.  And thank you sweethearts who are sharing the tour info online.


got four seats to myself on the transatlantic flight, holy shit.  praise cloudy heaven.

Just read an essay that an old friend of my family’s wrote about a visit to Dandelion Community in 1976 (a few years before I was born there).  Descriptions of a day’s labor assignments – cleaning kitchen, making yogurt, shoveling manure, helping build shelves, making decorative tinnery, shoveling more manure, eating a dinner of rice and cooked carrots, drinking homemade beer.

Speaking of ex-communards, Stevik played our Devo cover on his WTJU show yesterday.  Coooooool.