Australia – 4/19/16 – 11:16am

by devonsp

Surfacing post-3 intense days at the fairbridge festival in western australia.  Highlights included superhero artist liaison Lina impersonating me to set up my australian phone; playing a set of I Love You, Go Easy songs in a big tent called Djindalux full of exhausted and happy people; watching my new friend Nadia Reid play while I squirmed around in the dirt, trying to find a comfortable sitting position for my weirded-out-pregnant back and eating baguette with avocado and smoked herring; drinking coffee and texting with Paul; meeting mutual Toronto friends Jaron Freeman-Fox & Steven Foster; eating yogurt in the middle of the night.  Now in Adelaide, getting ready for an afternoon of radio and a show at the Grace Emily.  I wonder if black sabbath showed up there last night afterall?