by devonsp


i took this after a rehearsal — that’s phil, dan, and robin. if you add thom, you get the band bernice (also sometimes including colin fisher, felicity williams, kieran adams, or nico dann). i really love bernice and i really love the people in it. and they made our record so good, i can’t believe it! an early bernice moment that blew my mind was when thom and i were on tour in england, before we made the record, and we met up with robin in london, where she was studying. a week later, robin sang with us at a show and she and thom blew my mind with a vocal arrangement they had come up with (in, like, two seconds) for the end of ‘walking in the folly,’ which starts off the b side of colours. when we recorded it in toronto, i just couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was. sometimes i wish i lived in toronto so i could hang out with these guys and suck up some of their musical aliveness. til then, i content myself with listening to their music (and our music) over and over.