six nassau

by devonsp

thom & dev

this is thom and me at 6 nassau, the studio in toronto where we recorded colours.  the picture was probably taken by phil, whose drums were set up right across from us, and who brought a great camera to the session.  mike (singing/songwriting) and dan (bass playing) were to our left.  to our right was the control room where sandro (producing) and jeff (engineering) were pressing buttons and saying really helpful things at exactly the right times.  when we weren’t sitting right there, we were listening to stuff with sandro and jeff, eating #19s at pho hung just down the block, having a drink at …oh dang, what was it called? … , or getting ourselves between those places.  i walked so much that month, my left hip is still sore from it.  who knew you could hurt yourself walking?  i must be getting old.  it was well worth it.  when i was walking in toronto, i listened to the mixes a lot, and i also listened to marker starling’s last podcast for tin angel records.  and george harrison’s all things must pass.  and i spent a lot of time at the holy oak, watching great music.  thank you, toronto!