crooked crow

by devonsp

on the way out here to fort davis, tx for the crooked crow writing retreat, i kept forgetting to look out the windows.  i’m new to the desert.  it felt safer looking up birds i might see in the area, instead of actually looking for them!  but i’m getting more comfortable.  the quiet is crazy, and wonderful.  and unlike some beautiful places, there’s nothing overstimulating about the landscape.  big but subtle.  my friend johann wagner (who is, by the way, currently kickstarting with a great batch of songs and a great video that paul made) is doing a great job organizing.  his co-host brian hembree takes the reins tomorrow, with a little dev workshop sandwiched in the middle.  we’ve been doing a lot of writing-oriented work, so i’m gonna guitar it up, i think.  wish me luck!

seen:  chihuahuan raven, american kestral (aka sparrow hawk), a “yuletide yucca” strung up with lights

learned about:  pancho villa, delores mountain, buffalo soldiers, comanches