by devonsp

in honor of the day and my lapsed ‘grateful five’ tradition:

1. paul’s hilariousness. i didn’t think he was awake yet this morning, then looked over at the bed and above the blankets was an iphone with this vid looping.

2. the super warm superhero trouser combo i’ve been wearing for the past week, since the weather’s been so weird.


3. our austin friends. i’ve never made (or really eaten) stuffing but today all that is changing. very glad to have been invited to jason and vanessa’s for thanksgiving, and very glad that it’s all i’d like to do for thanksgiving.

4. birds. love me some travis audubon! reading this essay on sobriety and corncrakes was a nice way to start the day.

5. our studio. it’s still a rough little room but we’ve all been using it: i’ve been playing paul’s tele almost every day. danny & carrie are demo-ing songs for their new duo recordings. paul is comping vanessa’s new project and tinkering with reason.