day 5 – glasgow

by devonsp


paul arrives!  anthony arrives!  we meet paul and anthony, sitting as strangers at a coffee shop on pollokshaw road, then we all drink coffee and show anthony a hard copy of the beautiful artwork he made for colours.  from there to queen’s park, walking through the leaves, ducks, anthony taking lots of pictures.  from there to the glad cafe (while our labelmates two wings head off for their turn with anthony) for an early soundcheck and early show.

on stage, watching robin sing next to me, i couldn’t help but imagine how exactly the same she must have looked as a little girl, her face so natural and naturally inclined toward singing.  and being sung to!  we sang her happy birthday and she little-girl-twirled in thanks.  grocery shopped on the way home.  steve and i cooked and burned two – count ’em – secret birthday cakes in a row.  after some careful scraping and nutella covering, all was well.  ended with a short dance part dj-ed by thom.