day 6 – manchester

by devonsp


thought i might tell you about the set?

(listen along here!)

shallow end – first time we’ve opened with this one.  it’s the closer from the new record. the chorusy sections are trying to channel the vibe of willow’s song from the wickerman.  it’s about taking turns being the strong one.

you can’t help it – “i’ve always wanted it, since i knew how to want, and i’ve worked so hard just to get this far.  the day they pulled you out, all of the stars lined up.  you knew the formula before they held you up.”

colours – mike o’neill, who I wrote the record with, wrote the main melody and refrain lyric for the title track.  originally, it was a moody sounding demo and you can still hear it in the lyrics of the final track, though the sound now is quite a bit jauntier.  there is worry and defensiveness, but also a plea to dig through the “stormy night” and the “fire inside” to find the “blue under the robin’s nest” and the “green to lie back against.”  it’s about seeing someone’s most genuine colours: not necessarily perfect beauty but natural, real beauty.

the fan – austin is still hot.  but there are margaritas.  and the winter, which is coming, is gonna be beautiful.

i’m out’ve shape on the hackey sack front but you wouldn’t know from paul’s collages, eh?

to be continued!